Team Competition

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team comp 2.png

Team Competition



The cost is $15 per team.  ONE registration per team. 

-Each team will consist of 3 competitors: A Longsword, Rapier & Dagger, and Sword & Buckler fighter.

-Team members do not need to come from the same school. 

-Teams square off against each other in a single elimination bracket (subject to change based on number of participants).

-Longsword will fight Longsword, Rapier will fight Rapier, and Sword and Buckler will fight Sword and Buckler. Points will be accumulated after each bout for the team.

-There will be a coin toss at the beginning of each round.  The team that wins the coin toss chooses the order in which the weapons will be fought. 

-Teams members do not need to have a dedicated weapon, but can swap roles between rounds.  

-The team scoring the most points after the 3 bouts wins and advances to the next round. The top 3 teams receive medals. 

-This is an exhibition tournament, and does not count towards the HEMAthlon. 

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